Ginotti has integrated the best raw material suppliers into our purchasing system, such as Novatex, MAYAFAB, etc. Excellent cloth and leather, Natural marble, Southeast Asia¡¯s top class materials and the first level (304) stainless steel are all collected by Ginotti. Ginotti selects the most excellent raw materials and uses the best manufacturing techniques to decorate our customers¡¯ life with comfort and beauty. All of these are Ginotti¡¯s persistent quality assurance. 
      Ginotti provides you with the optimal furniture solution, presenting your characteristic and noble living space. No matter chair or sofa, you can find the best one fitting your desire from Ginotti. We use our extraordinary techniques to meet all your requirements. Ginotti is a famous brand introducing advanced manufacturing techniques from Germany, Italy to produce better furniture. Ginotti shows you not only a combination of furniture, but also a feeling, an attitude, and a contribution to our society.